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4 Quick Professional Tips for Quality Construction - 4 Quick & Professional Tips for Quality Construction

Contractors invest a lifetime perfecting their craft. Some have shared their best techniques for making build projects better, faster, and more profitable. Here’s a quick rundown of these inside tips from the pros.

Pay Attention to Framing

The majority of homes have imperfections and the older they get, the higher those flaws become. Homes settle and floors and walls begin to curve, slope, or separate. Before making cuts, be sure to review the acceptable tolerances for the lumber you’re working with.

Frames must be straight, so it’s essential to begin with a level foundation. Walls can bow up to 1/4″ vertically for each 8′ area, and 1/4″ horizontally for each 50′ area without compromising structural integrity.

The frames in a house support plumbing, electrical, HVAC setup and more. An accurately-installed structure will assist make following projects much easier to complete.

Work With Solid Lumber

Lumber varies by seller, batch, and tree. When picking the lumber for framing, search for long lasting and straight boards. Curved, bowed, or “imperfect” boards will produce a weak or imbalanced foundation from the start. Cabinets, walls, and doors require straight walls to work properly. Choosing the best wood, at the beginning, will help the whole construction job.

Subfloor Prep

Installing a stable subfloor can assist with creating a level surface area, yet the glue can be untidy and challenging to work with. To set up subflooring without the mess, carefully lower subfloor with a garden digging tool.

Be Insured & Bonded!

With any building job, selecting the right products and tools helps. Before tackling a building and construction project, make sure your company and the project have insurance and bonds in place to protect yourself from unforeseen events that can get in the way of completing a project. Also constantly emphasize the best safety practices with your team.